Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.

- T.S. Eliot -

A few days before Ironman Mallorca 2016

After twelve months of hard training and plenty of sacrafices, the clock is slowly ticking down on the last few days before Ironman Mallorca 2016. Athletes who train and race for financial reward often talk about A and B races for the year. This is my A race – largely because it’s my only race of the year (unless you count the local XC race – which is actually more of a grudge match with one of my best and oldest buddies!).

I absolutely love the last few weeks before an Ironman, the hard training has been done. Other than still doing a bit of running, riding and swimming, exercise becomes fun again and not about constantly chasing numbers, distance and time! Your body feels good and if you’ve managed to avoid picking up injuries or the dreaded common cold, running and riding becomes easy (or at least easier!).

Therefore, I’ve spent some time out on my bike, a bit of time running and quite a bit of time swimming – it’s all been good fun. After the training is done, then ‘project packing’ has to begin. List after list has been written for day to day gear, race gear, race food, bike kit, run kit and loads of other lists! However, I’m nearly there now!

All in all, ready to race! If you want to track my progress, bib number is 1047 and you can track athletes on the ironman website 

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