Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.

- T.S. Eliot -

Big ride with big wind but a step in the right direction…

After a week of feeling wrecked after each training session, the obvious thing to do was a massive ride…my alarm went off at 05:00, I groaned and dragged myself out of bed, rammed some porridge down my throat, had a luke warm cup of coffee and headed out into the sunshine.  When I say sunshsine, whilst the sun had risen and was shining somewhere, it certainly wasn’t in central Bedfordshire. In the absence of the sun being present, Mr Windy McWindyson had turned up to laugh in my face. Brilliant, 100 miles in the rain and wind it was then!

I was riding my TT bike that I’ll ride at Ironman Mallorca and the ride was the longest I’d done on that bike since I bought it. I was unsure how comfortable it would be over 5 – 6 hrs. Turns out it was OK, my neck and shoulder were a bit stiff, but nothing that I can’t deal with.

The route I took was out to Shefford, Henlow, Shillington and then I got lost in Pirton. Pirton is one of the smaller villages in Bedfordshire and it’s quite an achievement to get lost, however, each time I took a turning, I found myself back at the same cross roads. The only thing to do was back track and take another turn and eventually I got out of the village and continued on over to Lilley, past Luton Airport, upto Whipsnade (and past the zoo), up past Ivinghoe Beacon, Ashridge, Aldbury, Wing, The Brickhills, Wavendon, Salford, Cranfield, Milton Keynes, Salford, Aspley Guise and home! 101 miles in total.

Pretty happy overall, no problems riding a TT bike for 100 miles, didn’t feel hungry whilst not eating too much, ran out of water but that is to be expected considering I forgot my third bottle, no sore man parts and 100 miles in the bank!