Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.

- T.S. Eliot -

Bike time with friends

Ironman bike training, on occasions, is lonely. In my experience, if you want to train with other people it normally involves an early start to get some miles in before meeting everyone else for a ‘normal’ ride and so this Sunday, that’s what happened.

However, having a good mate training alongside you makes things loads easier. So, this Sunday went something like this…

Alarm at 06:00, snooze alarm four times. Get out of bed on the third alarm, only a few minutes before the arranged meeting time…don’t eat breakfast or drinking anything. Ride for an hour before heading back to pre-arranged meeting point. Underestimate time to get back to meeting point and extend one’s self rather too much racing the clock to make agreed time (arrived late!). Meet faster riders who claim to ‘not be on it today’, have legs ripped off for two hours. Feel broken, hungry and thirsty (forgot second water bottle). Finish ride, feel rubbish, wonder why legs are hurting…

I therefore rewarded myself with an afternoon on the sofa relaxing,NOT! Actually spent the afternoon doing all the household chores I’ve been avoiding and went to bed at 08:30 with a banging headache!

Fool! here’s my bike looking fast, please notice the lack of waterbottle behind the saddle.