Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.

- T.S. Eliot -

A mini triathlon in the wrong order in a day

For training purposes, today, I did a mini triathlon in the wrong order in a day. I started with a ride to and home from work, followed by a run and topped-off with a swim.


Nothing really special about the bike today, apart from the chain keep falling off (new chain tug ordered) and a chap who had been knocked off on Ampthill Road in Bedford – I hope he is OK. Total distance was about 22 miles and my legs and knee felt fine. The weather is sort of turning cold, so I was under dressed in the morning and over-dressed at night, arriving home as a total sweaty mess.


For the first time in a few weeks, today’s run was around Flitwick with buddy Giles – he started at a fair pace but struggled a bit on the last hill back to the Leisure centre. We had driven over, parked up and run from there so that we didn’t have to deal with running home after out swim! So, 5 miles running done.


Garmin Swim

Nice bling!

I was keen to swim tonight as I’ve got myself a new toy – a Garmin swim watch, purchased for a bargain price from a chap who was selling second hand. I’d had my eye on one for months as I’m chronic at counting laps when in the pool but could justify £100 +. When it popped up on singletrackworld I was a happy boy! First impressions are good, it’s pretty simple, it counts laps, it tells me how long the swim took and it tells me how many strokes taken. Even better, it then works with ANT+ to upload to Garmin Connect and allows me to satisfy my data-geek side and track my training. Super!

My mini triathlon was done and I was pretty happy with my training for the day, time for bed and some recovery before riding again tomorrow!