Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.

- T.S. Eliot -

Today is national Cycle to work

National Cycle to Work Day 2013

Did you cycle to work today? Why not, it was national cycle to work day. I did and it got me thinking about why I put myself through the trouble of getting soaked and freezing my knackers off each morning. My commute is either 9 miles or about 15 miles depending on which route I take, this is just about enough without getting too far. I’m also lucky that I have showers, a secure place to store my bike and a place to dry my stinking gear.

Why cycle to work?

Here are my five main reasons (largely borrowed from, by at the most simplistic level it’s about riding my bike, a simple act that I rather enjoy!

1. I get 30 minutes of peace and quiet at the start and end of my day which give me time to either focus on the day or forget about the day (depending on the direction);

2. It’s fun and I get some regular exercise, and burn a few calories (1402 according to, this means I can have a cafe with my 11 o’clock cuppa;

3. Most days, it is quicker than driving. The rural part of the ride is slower but the urban section is considerably faster;

4. It’s cheaper than driving the car, according to the Cycle to website, I  save £8.64 each day (not sure how accurate this is!);

5. It give me a warm glow that I’m not pumping out CO2 and going my bit to help the environment. stats

Read them stats dudes!

Get out and ride

There we go, try riding to work a couple of days a week, you might just enjoy it!