Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.

- T.S. Eliot -

It is a cycling holiday or a family holiday? Mallorca 2013

Sa Calobra

A summary

This post brings together a couple of others that can be found elsewhere on my blog. Here are some random musing from our recent holiday in the beautiful location of Pollensa Old Town, Mallorca. Having once sworn to never to return to the same holiday destination, this year if the third time we have been back to Pollensa

Cycling holiday or family holiday?

This week has seen the now traditional family holiday come annual trip to the cycling hinterland that is Pollensa in northern Mallorca (or Majorca). Having return from a ride into the mountains, Mrs A looked at me as I cooled off in the pool, whilst complaining that I had tired legs and simply asked:

is this a cycling holiday or a family holiday

I felt this was a loaded question, I smiled and coolly replied…it’s both. Mrs A seemed to accept this answer and went about her business of sunbathing and keeping the youngest member of our family happy. I was charged with entertaining the older sibling in the swimming pool, whilst trying not to complain about my legs or the beating I have just experienced up the climb from Sa Calobra.

However, at dinner that night the question was revisited once more. Catching me totally off-guard I became quickly bamboozled, stuttered and mumbled my way around some kind of answer about mixing cycling and family activities together and achieving a balance, closing my presentation with a killer line, “we would come here even if the cycling wasn’t so brilliant, it’s a beautiful place”. This answer seemed to pacify Mrs A and she even cracked a smile, she knows the really truth!

Day one: Sa Calobra

The day started standing in the dark outside our villa waiting for the sun to appear and light the road sufficiently. The plan was to head up the hill out of Pollensa towards Lluc, turn right towards Escora, turn right again and head down the hill to Sa Calobra. Take a photograph in Sa Calobra and ride back up the hill. Basically that’s what happened, the major headline was the kicking I took on the hill back up the climb to Sa Calobra by my riding accomplice – I was not having a good day! However, partiy was restored on the remaining climbs of the day and the final result was probably a 2-2 draw. The highlight of the day was a gnarly old Mallorcan chap who nailed us on the descent from Escora to Lluc whilst riding a smashed up old mountain bike and wearing shorts from circa-1970. He explained via the medium of international sign language that he rides the Sa Calobra climb twice each day on his shit mountain bike – the old english word he appeared to know was ‘shit’! The ride ended with a coffee and a beer at the bottom of the steps in Pollensa, awesome!

Day two: Cap de Formentor

After a day off the bike to spend some time with my lovely girls, we were once again stood outside the villa at 06:45, waiting for the sun to get out of bed and light up the roads for us. The initial plan had been to complete an out and back ride to Cap de Formentor and then head along the coast to Alcudia, before turning right and heading back to Pollensa. However, it turned out that by the time we had got back over the top at the look out point we were a little short of time and decided to call it a day and try to remain in the good books with our fine ladies. The ride was great but I personally felt a little cheated by the lack of climbing. It was horrendously scary towards the light house at the Cap, the road is obviously not on the normal tourist route as armco barriers hadn’t been installed and we were faced with the occasional view of the cliff face as we twisted and turned towards the turning point of the ride. If your there, give it a go!

Some pictures