Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.

- T.S. Eliot -

Box End Park Evening Off Road Triathlon Series

One of my goals / aims for the year was to break into the top ten at my local evening triathlon series. This led me to the Box End Park Evening off road triathlon series race 3.

You might be wondering why it took me until race 3 to get my act together and race. I missed the first date due to birth of Abbott Jr no. 2 and the second race was a few days before the Windsor Triathlon. I was racing the night after the second event too, so I did want to totally destroy my legs!

The Box End Park Evening off road triathlon series follows as simple format – turn up, pay £10 then swim, ride and run as fast as possible for as long as possible.  After a day at work the prospect of killing myself in a race seemed pretty appealing! My main focus was using the race as a hard training session in preparation for the MK Tri next weekend.

After a bit of dashing around to get home to collect Abbott Jr Snr and Abbott Snr (i.e. daughter and my father) I arrived at Box End Park with about 1/2 hour to go before the start. I grabbed my number and racked my bike in a nice location near the exit to the ride / run. After a quick nod and chat to a few of the other races it was time to listen to the pre-race briefing, jump in the lake and wait for the hooter.

Hooooottttt…off we go. I got myself right in the middle of the swim with the aim of getting dragged along and therefore get a decent swim time in. Everything was going well at the turn and then I had a moment of total madness. I was sighting off a chap standing at the end of the lake – I had assumed in my slightly oxygen deprived state that he was the bloke standing at the swim exit to help us out of the lake and shove us towards transition. However, he wasn’t.  Heading towards the chap I wondered why there was no other swimmers near me. Then it dawned on me that I was about 150 metres short and heading towards a spectator and not the swim exit.  After a quick check to my right I did a 90° turn, got back into the masses and headed for the correct exit.

After the swim mistake I was angry with myself, so I jumped on the bike and pedaled like mad. It turns out that I was 48th out of the water and after bashing around the bike course I was up to eleventh (not that  I knew at the time).  The run was fairly uneventful other than being passed by a couple of chaps and passing some back markers. The race seemed to finish rather quickly, but it was still a cracker.

Results are on the Box End Park website. I was 13th, which isn’t tenth or higher, so I’m going to have to race the last event in the series to achieve my goal!