Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.

- T.S. Eliot -

That flat feeling

This morning I rode my lovely bike to work, the sun was shining, there was very little traffic and the wind was still in bed. All the markers were in place for an enjoyable ride, but despite all of the positive aspects, I felt totally flat.  My legs didn’t want to turn the pedals, my arms hurt on the hills and to compound it all, my bum was hurting!

Rather worringly, I have a race tomorrow night and I’m not thinking it’s going to go very well. However, it was always going to be a ‘sharpener’ with other events in mind, it won’t be a disaster if I have a rubbish race.  I think the cause of the flatness might be due to a bit of over training.  I’ve did a ten mile run on Monday, swam and ran yesterday and rode my bike this morning. Plus I’ve had a couple of late nights and lots of disturbed nights recently.

How do I resolve this situation? Firstly, I’m going to drink lots of water. Secondly, I’m going to ride my bike home tonight and third I’m going to eat some food containing some superfoods. Then I’m going to sleep on it, avoid exercise tomorrow and race my legs and lungs off tomorrow night. I sort of planned to be a bit tired going into this event, the theory being that I need to stress my body prior to longer races later in the year…I’ve achieved that!