Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.

- T.S. Eliot -

Four rides, one run

Time is precious but my training continues. When time is short the best thing is to be effective with it. So, instead of driving to work, I continue to ride my bike. I think the aggregate difference is about five minutes on a good day (bike being slower) but on a bad traffic day, the bike is about 10 minutes quicker. I can also ride directly to the front door of the office, rather than parking across the road and walking for 10 minutes. The four rides in the past three days have been commutes at the start and end of the day, nothing out of the ordinary, just good old commuting.

On Thursday I swam a single lap in the lake at lunchtime, basically I was dashing between meetings and arrived at the lake with 20 mins to spare – much rushing was need to get in the water, get around the lap before I got hauled out! In the evening I ran with the swimming bunch, we meet at Giles’ house, run around the fields to Flitwick Leisure Centre where we go our separate ways, I head home and they do a swim.  The reason for the split is larger because I can get a lake swim in during the day and they cannot. So, knee is fine, body is slow!