Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.

- T.S. Eliot -

Training time: A run, a swim and two bike rides

Swim training HQ: Box End lake

When the sunshines, it looks like this…

Training again

Two day update today…things are building up with training, family and work and I’ve not got enough time to keep updating things here at the moment, I’ll do my best.

Having had a busy week back at work after two weeks paternity leave and a reasonably busy training week Friday arrived just in time.  Two major bonuses here, firstly I was not at work for four days (Friday off and bank holiday) and secondly I would have the whole weekend with my beautiful girls. During the day we had taken daughter number 1 for her first ever dentist appointment – she was a rock star, sat in car with her mouth open and kept it open when we arrived at the dentist. She was most disappointed not to get a sticker, but she did get a little pressie when we went shopping. No training on Friday.

On Saturday, once the children were in bed, I headed out for a quick training run around Flitwick. It was really a matter of getting out and doing a run.  In the good old days, one of my training runs was a lollipop route around Flitwick, it’s about 7 miles and I used to bash it out in about 45 minutes. On this occasion it took 48 minutes which was a sensible outcome given my lack of running recently.

Swim and bike

Come Sunday morning, I was rudely awoke by a three week old baby who was getting hungry!! I slipped into some lycra, meet up old buddy, Giles, in the middle of Ampthill and headed to Kempston where we rendezvoused with best man Jimbo and headed to Box End Lake for a swimming training session.

Jimbo was popping his lake swim cherry having spent some time in the pool getting ready.  He came equipped with a new wetsuit and lots of confidence. We jumped in an off he went into the distance (or actually closer and closer to the edge of the lake). I couldn’t help smile, remembering back to my early days of open water swimming and not being about to swim in a straight line. After a bit of friendly advice, Jimbo was back smashing it out and teaching us a lesson on moving quickly in the water.

1600 metres later and we clambered out of the water, quickly stripped off and headed home on the bikes via Maggott hill.  I was on my race bike with TT bars et al. We took  the A6 route which provides a good opportunity to build up a head of steam whilst squeezed up on the TT bars – I’m pretty happy with the position, it’s comfortable for longer rides without compromising my aero position.

Having arrived home, it was time to turn around, touch the ground and head out for first birthday party. Happy days.