Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.

- T.S. Eliot -

Weird weather day and four seasons in one day

Today was a funny old day, I spent all afternoon glancing out of the window at work, wondering if I was going to need suncream or a rain jacket for the ride home.  My colleagues kept coming back into the office from their various outdoors assignments and commenting on the variety of weather they had experienced. I was cynical (at best), I was strongly of the opinion that they were being drama queens and the weather couldn’t possibly be misbehaving to the extent that they described.

How wrong I was. Heading out of the office, things looked positive. The sun appeared to be in the sky and the ground appear to be dry. Bike de-garaged and off I went, the wind was blowing a little, but nothing too bad. Pedal a  bit, stop for traffic, pedal a bit, waiting at the traffic lights and then I noticed it…..a MASSIVE grey cloud lingering behind the hills.

And so it came, more wind, drizzle followed by big rain followed by hail, followed by torrential rain, followed by a bit more hail and then as fast as it appear, it stopped.  The sun came out, the roads dried up and I made my way home, drenched, cold but triumphant!!