Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.

- T.S. Eliot -

Swim and run day…a milestone achieved

Today was a good day in the training calendar. I took advantage of an off-site meeting close to the Box End Lake and their wonderful swimming lake.  Meeting finished, I popped over at lunch time for a quick (time not speed!) swim before heading back to the office for an afternoon of boredom.  The swim was good, the water is still cold but it’s considerably more enjoyable than swimming laps in a chemically controlled pool!

Work done, it was home for dinner with the Abbott clan and persuading the children into bed. A quick turnaround and having chucked some running gear on, I headed out into the rain with training buddy Giles for a 7 (ish) mile run around the fields and paths of Ampthill, Steppingley and Flitwick. This wouldn’t normally be of particular note, but it’s the first time since my knee injury of covering more than five miles. The pace was above average and I’ve had no adverse reaction, I think the journey to recovery, whilst continuing, is nearly over. I need to try some speed sessions but things are looking good.

My return to form is rather timely as it’s only four weeks until my first Olympic Triathlon of the season, wish me luck.