Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.

- T.S. Eliot -

How many miles? 2013 versus 2012

Just a bit of data for you (more for me, but I’m trying to pretend all of this flannel is for someone else).

Bearing in mind that the past few weeks have been a bit slow…


01.01.2013 to 21.05.2013 (140 days): 1,240 mls, 85 rides, 15 mls average distance.

01.01.2012 to 21.05.2012(140 days): 195 mls, 11 rides, 18 mls average distance.

Therefore, I’ve ridden my bike considerably more in 2013 than I did in 2012, this can largely be attributed to an increase in commuting. However, when I did ride in 2012, on average I rode further. Insane!


01.01.2013 to 21.05.2013 (140 days): 165 mls, 40 runs, 6.0 mls average distance.

01.01.2012 to 21.05.2012(140 days): 454 mls, 71 runs, 6.5 mls average distance.

Less running, shorter distances, but faster.  This isn’t a surprise as I was training for a marathon and didn’t have a two month gap without running due to an injured knee!


01.01.2013 to 21.05.2013 (140 days): 10 swim sessions, 1 mile average

01.01.2012 to 21.05.2012 (140 days): zero…nil..nothing…zilch

Yep, I’ve done more swimming.

In conclusion, in 2013 I’ve moved more than I did in 2012.