Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.

- T.S. Eliot -

YYYYEEEESSSSS….I rode my bike

Beautiful, brilliant, breathtaking, awesome and lovely are five words to describe how I felt about this morning’s ride. The alarm was set for 05:30, my bike gear laid on the sofa, cereal placed in a bowl (no milk) and a water bottle pre-filled….

I beat the alarm, jumped out of bed, switched the alarm off, kissed Mrs A, got dressed, ate the cereal, donned my helmet, mounted my bike and went for it.  The plan was to do an hour solo, time-trialling to Bedford and back (about 20 miles), meet the other chaps for a social ride of about 20 miles around the lumps and bumps of Bedfordshire before heading home by 09:00 (and a family-based BBQ at Jimbo’s).

The first hour went reasonably well and I  managed to average about 22mph until I hit the last section of the old A421 where it gets a bit lumpier. The climb in Lidlington was bashed and I got my head down to be back in Ampthill to meet the gang.

The gang however had dwindled to a single rider. My old faithful training partner, Giles.  Giles isn’t his real name, but that is a totally different story.  His real name is Magnus but for reasons that remain unclear, he is known by one of his middle names (privately educated – therefore more than one middle name!).  After a bit of faffing with bikes we were away and heading for Harlington Hill. The sun has made an appearance, car drivers had stayed at home and we plodded along enjoying ourselves.  Despite the sun joining the party, it was still blooming cold and my fingers were making it quite clear they weren’t happy!

Harlington Hill done, it was onto Streatley, Hexton, Higham Gobion, Pulloxhill, Maulden and home.  As promised to Mrs A, I was home for 8:59, result! Happy days, 40 miles done, 20 really hard ones and a few hills. Man flu forgotten about!