Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.

- T.S. Eliot -

No point ignoring the facts

Sitting at work this afternoon I was approached by an Assistant Director who did the normal senior management thing of pretending to be interested in hobbies of a lowly analyst. After a bit of small talk about cycling and running he got down to the matter in hand and requested some work be done before I left for the weekend. As he walked away the conversation went something like;

Him: “are you on the bike today?”,
Me: “yep”,
Him: “oh well, I think you’re mad, good luck, hopefully we’ll see you on Monday”,

At which point he made a gesture towards the windows which were being lashed by the wind and rain.

As he walked away it got me thinking about his final statement. Did he seriously consider the weather conditions so bad that I might actually perish on my ride home? Was he making reference to a motor vehicle driver who might not be driving suitably for the conditions and mow down a cyclist? Did he think I might drown in a particularly deep puddle? Am I mad?

As it turned out the weather was pretty grim, the wind was blowing directly into my face and the rain was pouring down. The biggest problems were standing water and motorists who don’t give cyclists an inch of space, therefore push me into the puddles.

I arrived home looking like a cat who had been dunked in the bath. My mother looked a little shocked to see me in full cycling regalia. She promptly jumped to her feet, put the kettle on and ran upstairs for a towel. My daughter summed the situation up nicely, “Daddy, you are very wet”.

Indeed I was wet and a bit cold. But despite the aforementioned concerns of my boss, I didn’t perish and I arrived home happier and healthier for not spending 45 minutes in a powered tin can. Furthermore, I don’t think I’m the mad one. All those drivers stuck in traffic, listening to crappy commercial radio are the mad ones, I bet they are more stressed when they arrive home than I am. Each to their own…