Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.

- T.S. Eliot -

Long route home and a swim

This morning I had to collect a work van from the next village along to where I live, I pedalled a few miles in full work clothing, chucked my bike in the back of the van and headed to work.  I was therefore short of miles for the day and a road closure on my normal route home dictated that I had to take the longer route home.

It was really a rather pleasant ride home, the wind was being kind and the sun was occasionally shining, but it did snow too.  My route took me up two of the bigger hills in the area which tested my knee a bit, my knee responded well and my confidence is growing that things are getting better in the area. Interestingly my other knee is now complaining about the increased workload.  On the advice of my physio I have triple-checked my cleat position on my shoes and made a few modifications which might be causing the discomfort.

Once Abbott Jr was in bed and dinner had been consumed, training buddy Giles was collected and we headed to the pool for a swim. Last weeks effort at the pool caused some significant pain in my knee which resulted in an abandoned session and a bad mood. This week was a different matter, I felt that I was sliding through the water and moving with ease.  I must have been moving well, by my standards, as I was keeping pace with Giles. Happy days!