Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.

- T.S. Eliot -

Another day as a commuter

Further to yesterdays post, today was a normal day. Get out of bed, get dressed, ride to work, work, ride home from work, cuddle girlies, dinner, sleep. Today was actually different to yesterday, the difference was 34 seconds. I hear the cries of ‘What the bloody hell is he talking about?’.  Well my friends, 34 seconds is a strange time difference for my ride to work. I think it means I was held up at traffic lights (the one’s that I observe), but I investigated my Garmin Connect account bit more – don’t forget I’m an analyst by day.  It looks like I started slower than yesterday, got faster in the middle section and slowed down towards the end.

This can be understood as;

  • legs were tired and took a bit to get going
  • pedalling hard, possibly with the wind behind me
  • traffic lights slowed my progress

Interestingly, the difference was EXACTLY the same for the ride home; 30 seconds slower over the same distance. I was therefore, slower over the day by nearly one minute. Over a year that’s 6 hours, which for the population of the earth (assuming world population is approx. 7 billion) is 42 billion hours. In my book that is quite a few hours.