Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.

- T.S. Eliot -

A triathlon spread over a day

Following Sunday’s efforts and having a rest day on Monday, today had been pencilled in as a big training day.  The plan was to ride to and from work, go for a run and then finish the day with a swim. A bit like a triathlon, but spread over 14 hours in the wrong order!

My ride to work was pretty uneventful, I was back on the singlespeed so I enjoyed the simplicity of not changing gears and simply getting on with pedalling.  The wind was blowing around a little, but not too bad and I was optimistic for a steady ride home in a light breeze.  How wrong I was. As I leave my office and turn left on to the public highway, if the wind is blowing into my face it means I’ll be riding into the wind all the way home.  Tonight however, I was pretty much blown off my bike, tonight was going to be a grind.  The beauty of singlespeeding that I had so enjoyed earlier in the day (i.e. no gears, just ride) was replaced with cursing the lack of gears.  In reality, having cleared Kempston the wind seemed to die down a little and the ride wasn’t too taxing. The slop that was falling from the sky was a little uncomfortable but pain is temporary!

First leg completed. Daughter was collected from in-laws, Peppa Pig watched with my girls, bed time stories read and it was time to venture out in the cold for a quick run with training-partner Giles. My legs still felt a little stiff and my right knee was a bit sore, but five miles passed without incident and it was time to dive into the pool.

Swimming is always going to be my weakest discipline, but practice makes perfect and it seems to be getting easier each week. Giles and I put in 1000m in two 250m and one 500m chunks and it was time for a shower and head home for a nice sleep! Another day done.