Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.

- T.S. Eliot -

That Friday feeling

The end of the working week has arrived once more and to mark the occasion I took to the road on my new bike.  30 miles later, I was a bit cold and desperate for a cup of tea to warm my cockles.  I have a favourite route that heads north from Bedford, sweeps round to the East via Great Barford then heads home via Cardington, Haynes and Clophill.  I’ve ridden the route many, many times in the day light.  In the darkness however it looked a bit different and I missed a turn into Wilden, not harm done as it just chops my favourite section off!!! I could have doubled back, but the clock was ticking and I was getting colder.

Going up the hill out of Cardington I became aware that my left foot felt a little wobbly, on further investigation the crank bolts had come loose and the crank was moving around.  A quick fumble in my bag and allen keys located, the crank was tight again and  I was off.  Back in the day that would have been a show stopper as I never carry a 9mm allen key but today’s modern cranks use smaller bolts which my multi-tool fits and the ride could continue – good job really as I didn’t have an emergency-based lift person I could ring!

Finally back home, I was frozen but another 30 miles has been added to the chart. I adjusted the angle of my saddle on the new bike and now it fits like a glove. All is well in the world.