Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.

- T.S. Eliot -

Snowy slog

We have a bit of snow in the Shire this week, probably about 4-5 inches which makes driving out of our street a bit squeaky. Once you hit the main roads it is fine, but the side roads are decidedly dodgy. As a result Mrs A decided to work from the local office rather than travel and Jnr A was excused from nursery and went straight to Nanny’s house. I took the executive decision to ride off-road to work, largely to avoid the lunatics on the road and secondly for a bit of fun.

Although there was plenty of snow on the ground, particularly around the fields and off-road bits, it was actually quite easy riding. The cold temperatures overnight had frozen the top layer of snow which was a bit like riding on tarmac, just very slippery tarmac. The ride home was a different matter, the top layer had melted and my tyres broken through to the mud below – it was quite a slog in parts, but still fun. The ride ended with another 30 miles on the clock and three hours riding time. Happy days.