Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.

- T.S. Eliot -

New bike build

Mrs Abbott has abandoned me for the weekend to visit her Uni mates in Leeds. Obviously this meant I was in need of a project and something came along at just the right time. I have been lusting after a new bike for months. I procrastinated about different frames and components, should I buy a complete bike, should I buy each bit and build it up, should I recycle my old road bike, should I sell the old road bike or should I justo forget about a new bike as the old one is plenty good enough.

So a bit of private work later and I had ‘cash on my hip’ and got to work ordering a new bike. This week the bits have turned up via the various postal methods we have in the UK. It must be said that my postie has a peculiar habit of leaving parcels in my wheelie bin on bin day. However, no harm done and tonight has been spend bolting bits together and general faffing, which has resulted in this beauty being put together. I forgot to order any cable adjusters, but I’ll whizz to my LBS tomorrow and come tomorrow night all will be finished.


I’m a happy boy, it is blooming light and I think it looks fast – I just need to get training to make it move fast. Smiles and kisses!!