Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.

- T.S. Eliot -

Winter is coming

It looks like we might be in for a cold snap. A cold snap which, if we are being honest, is well over due. With this in mind I pulled what I felt was an appropriate number of layers and headed out on my normal commute to work. Following the initial cold shock and having got my legs going, I realised I was wildly under-dressed for the conditions. There was no other option that to pull my socks up and get on with it. It turns out the wind was behind me…

And so we come to the ride home. The temperature had increased and I found myself wildly over-dressed! Fortunately the wind was blowing in my face and had a cooling effect. All in all, about 30 miles for the day combined with some shivering, some sweating and a bit of cursing about clothing choices.

Ah yes, 11 days on the roll.