Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.

- T.S. Eliot -

2013 and having some goals

I’ve never done this before, but it’s a new year and this year I’m going to be doing things a little differently!! 2013 is going to be a big year for me and the family. Firstly we will have a new addition to our little family in May, Mrs A is getting a bigger belly and everyone is excited about the arrival of number 2.

Secondly, I’m planning on getting proper fit and setting myself some goals. If I write them down, they exist and therefore I have to achieve them, so here goes;

  • sub 20 min 5k
  • sub 40 min 10k
  • middle distance triathlon (1/2 ironman)
  • olympic distance triathlon – Achieved: Windsor Triathlon, 16/06/2013
  • sub 2 hr 30 mins standard distance triathlon – Achieved: MK Tri 2013, 29/07/2013
  • sub 1:30 half marathon – Achieved: Watford 1/2 Marathon, 03/02/2013
  • ride the south downs way in a day
  • do at least one 100 mile road ride
  • break into the top ten at my local off-road triathlons

That is it, sounds sensible and achievable. Better stop talking about it and get on with it!